What Happens When The Faucet Blocks The Water

- Nov 19, 2017-

When using the tap water is more and more small, often a look is bibcock mouth mesh plug, turn on there is leaking water after bibcock mouth clean, this situation is the most common place is the kitchen and bathroom faucet. The faucet manufacturer introduces whether the faucet of kitchen or bathroom, the use time is a long, these problems become common thing.

When the faucet is blocked, the faucet will teach you how to solve the problem:

1. Water quality problems, the water with sand, water and other impurities caused by the faucet. You can turn the tap out of the water to check the water and release the water under the filter. If the water is back to normal, the problem is that it is out of the filter. Then the tap of the faucet would be taken down in the pool and the solid impurities of the large particles of sand would fall naturally. Don't use your hands to pick it up. Instead, it will jam the sand into the filter. In order to be able to clean the place, you can remove the filter and gasket, and the stain in the middle of the mesh can be punctured by the needle. After cleaning and reloading. Like these can learn from the faucet manufacturer, many times you if the faucet wholesaler can go to the field of the leading manufacturer to practice.

2, faucet manufacturers is introduced and a kind of situation, if because of the large foreign bodies caused by, this situation is rare, but it is also hard to avoid can meet, so my side a little mention, actually very simple, only need to be ready to remove the faucet with a wrench. Use a wrench to break open the interface under the basin, in fact most tap can use the hand to make the big effort to twist it, remove the faucet, of course the filter head also need to be removed and put aside. Turn the head upside down, take a bottle of water and fill it with water. If the back end of the water is not free, then there is a foreign body in the faucet. It can also be washed under water to ensure that it can be cleaned in place. Then you can reload it, and you should also check that the joints are tight to avoid leaks when you put them back.