Thermostatic Faucet And Single Hole Kitchen Faucet Installation

- Aug 31, 2019-

Thermostatic faucet installation

     Before installing the thermostatic faucet, please check if the water pipe is left hot and cold right. Remember not to install the hot and cold water pipes incorrectly, so as to prevent the faucet from working properly. Gas and solar water heaters cannot use thermostats because the water pressure is too low. Please install the thermostatic faucet and don't forget to install the hot and cold water filter.

Single hole kitchen faucet installation

     The requirement is stable, because the kitchen faucet is used frequently, and it is moved and moved, so it is easy to loosen, so the lock nut must be tightened. Some faucets have been added to the screw to tighten the nut. This kind of stability is very good. If it can solve the problem of water removal, it will be a popular trend in the future.