The History Of Faucet Two

- Aug 27, 2019-

     In the palace, on the street, on the wall of the water supply spring or outside the mosque, you can still see all kinds of ancient faucets. However, only by visiting the faucet museum can you truly appreciate how the decorative taste of the Ottoman faucet exceeds its practicality. This faucet museum belongs to E.C.A., a company that produces faucets in Turkey. Among them, there are many Ottoman faucets in the collection, and the exquisite workmanship is beyond my expectation. However, in order to facilitate maintenance, these faucets were originally designed to be easily disassembled, thus causing the faucet to diverge, and many existing faucets have been difficult to find out which building they belong to. We can only guess: Is it the court? Rich family? Still on the street? Ordinary people's home?