The Faucet Also Should Pay Attention To Maintain

- Nov 19, 2017-

Faucet is used frequently in the household, the good or bad of faucet is directly related to the sanitary condition of domestic water. But a lot of people ignore the faucet maintenance. The faucet is just a small part of household goods, but when it comes to problems, family loss can be difficult to calculate. The brand of faucet, including agent to join and wholesale, tap tap tap manufacturers are all we need to consider factors, these has the certain knowledge and the difficulty is should be. Below to introduce the way that water bibcock clean and faucet maintenance.

Cleaning of faucet:

1, the tap after using for a long time, will produce some scale or dirty, this is normal phenomenon, consumers only need to use when clean wet cloth or sponge, can wipe with a few special cleaner undertakes, the final surface need to be removed. Dip the toothpaste in a soft bristle toothbrush or gently wipe it with the toothpaste. Can clear water scale, grease, let the faucet surface clean bright two, faucet maintenance way.

2. The cleaning of the tap seems simple, but few people do it carefully, which makes cleaning the faucet difficult. Cleaning the faucet requires different ways to clean the faucet, and the cleaning intensity is different. For example the faucet of electroplating surface, can use boiled water to mix detergent to undertake wipe cleans, can even use some strong to go oily decontamination wash product undertakes cleaning. But the faucet on wood surface can not be so "simple and brutal".

Faucet maintenance:

1. The installation of the faucet should be performed by experienced and qualified professionals. Sometimes you are wholesale prices directly to the manufacturer of faucet with faucet, the price is relatively low but not the door to help installation service, so we should pay attention to during the installation, the faucet should try not to and hard knock against, don't wait for cement, glue residue on the surface, so as not to damage the surface gloss of coating. Remove the material from the pipe and install the faucet.

2. For the faucet in the bathroom, the hose needs to pay special attention to the usage habit. Some residents will wrap the hose on the tap, which can cause the hose to break or damage.

3, faucet maintenance need to keep good habits when using, when turned on and off the tap not too hard, just need to turn conveniently, forcibly will damage the seal valve of faucet, lead to the faucet is lax, leaking situation.

4. In daily life, not only need to clean the faucet, but also need regular maintenance. Especially for the faucet in the bathroom, need regular cleaning impurity, the agent may visit some faucet and good after-sales, some directly to the faucet manufacturers like what I said just now that the faucet in the wholesale price, not the after-sales service, this kind of situation should more pay attention to the maintenance of the faucet, to ensure the normal use of the faucet. Because if use after a period of time, the faucet water pressure under the condition of not less than 0.02 mpa, there will be water yield decreases, and even appear the phenomenon of water heater flameout, remove impurities, so regular general can recover.