How To Wipe Off Floor Drain

- Nov 19, 2017-

1. eccentric block type: that is, with a gasket, with a pin fixed, the use of gravity eccentric principle to seal, the drawbacks of the first is not closed tight, two is the pin is easy to damage, resulting in failure;

2. seal floor drain of the oldest, the biggest defect is that it is, if a few days don't use traps and make the water pipes under the odor and pests because no water in, even if some manufacturers will trap high, but also there are longer trips or long time not use without the odor problem at the same time, also have another problem, the water is higher in the core of the more easily hidden dirt, the dirt is difficult to clean up, and because the row is the sewage drain itself, so in the South or the summer trap. Save water for a few days will stink, the formation of a new source of pollution.

3. spring type: divided into upper and lower bomb type. The upper elastic type is to press the cover plate, and the cover plate is bounced up and pressed again, and it will reset; the lower spring type is sealed by the sealing pad at the lower end of the spring stretching sealing core.  Because the spring is made of iron by easy corrosion, elasticity gradually weakened, until failure, life is not long, in addition to the spring winding hair, fabric, easy to clean;

4. float ball: use a plastic ball floating to close the drain, but for a period of time without water, the seal will fail;

5. gravity mechanical: gravity movement, the use of the principle of permanent gravity, so the longest life. Without water, do not save a little dirty water, vertical drainage, water discharge after sealing core bottom gasket automatically closed, when not in use will drain in a closed state, the best effect of deodorization, cleaning is also very convenient, only the deodorant core down to put in the water rinse several times, less than a minute. Can complete, comprehensive comparison should be the best performance and the most popular deodorant core.

The 6. magnet type: sealing gasket for magnetic attraction to two pieces of magnet. Because the surface water quality is very poor, for various reasons such as washing articles, brush, and contain some iron impurities adsorbed on the magnet, after a period of time, the impurity layer will lead to the gasket can not be closed, because the earth's magnetic field, magnetic force will gradually.

7. magnetic suspension type: back to spin magnetic floor drain, use "magnetic suspension" deodorant principle, using permanent magnet material, let small floor drain give science and technology innovation ability, lifelong deodorant, deodorant, antibacterial.