How To Solve Water Output Is Small

- Apr 26, 2019-

     The faucet in the bathroom is very slow, and the water from the faucet is getting smaller and smaller. How to solve it?

     1.It is also very small to see if the water from other adjacent taps is small. If it is also small, it is the problem of tap water pressure. Insufficient water pressure, it is recommended to add an electric water pump.

     2, the water channel is blocked or the bubbler is blocked, there is water rust or impurities, the valve core can be removed, and the water channel can be washed again; if only the bubbler is clogged, the bubbler is It can be removed once and cleaned.

     3. If the water is slow, the sewer may be blocked. Use the dredging agent or use physical negative pressure to clear it. It may also be that the sewer is too thin and not suitable.