How To Choose Floor Drain Correctly

- Nov 19, 2017-

First, in any case, floor drains can play a completely deodorant role. Floor drain deodorant function mainly rely on sealing to achieve, consumers can according to the floor drain use place and so on to choose different sealing way floor drain. Second, the drainage of floor drain to meet the use requirements, to be large enough, even if there is no home, water bursting extreme circumstances, you can also quickly discharge water. The amount of drainage can be asked for instructions or test reports to see, should be based on the diameter of the floor of the mouth and the size of the use of different places to choose the appropriate amount of drainage.

Third, the filter function to be thorough, the filter function is insufficient will lead to foreign matter blockage pipeline, cleaning work will be very troublesome. If the pore size of the filter is not appropriate, the time interval of cleaning the foreign body is too short, and it will also increase the burden on consumers. Experts suggest that the best filter screen aperture between 5mm-8mm, so as to prevent foreign objects fall into the pipeline, remove foreign body time can be extended to 3 - 5 months.

Fourth, the use of time is long enough, not often exchanged. Some mechanical floor drain using plastic core, plastic characteristics is the use of 35 years later will be crisp, and the core of the drain needs high frequency activities, so that the function of floor drain is not stable, there may be a variety of problems, need to be replaced.

Fifth, the purchase of floor drain also need to determine the location of the use. For example, the shower is the largest amount of water, in order to ensure that the water can quickly leak and not water, the floor drain here also need large; in addition, washing machine instantaneous flow of water is great, at this time for the water pipe instant pressure is very big.

Warm prompt: washing machine chooses special floor drain for washing machine. At present there are special areas of special areas such as the kitchen sink drain, special floor drain, washing machine for floor drain, balcony floor drain; toilet, balcony floor drain with different floor drain: the toilet is a toilet floor drain place relatively high frequency of use, is the most water in many places, but also the foreign bodies in most places, but also easy to hair.

So we choose floor drain to consider three points: one is deodorant effect; two is easy to clean; three is easy to jam.

Two, why does balcony choose T type floor drain? What are the matters needing attention?

1, avoid to choose the location of U and balcony floor drain should choose U type washing machine drain, because general balcony location is not much water space, even half a month without water, and the deodorizing principle of U type floor drain is on the water, then once the water dries, deodorization effect is not, not regular to the balcony floor drain water.

2, it is recommended to choose T type floor drain, balcony washing machine installed floor drain, U type floor drain is slow, it is more suitable for the balcony washing machine instantaneous water flow situation, so it is recommended to choose T type floor drain. For balcony and bathroom floor drain difference, we all have a clear understanding of it?! When choosing floor drain, you must think about which one to buy, but don't choose the wrong one!