Classification Of Faucets

- Nov 19, 2017-

The scientific name of faucet is called "water mouth", its main function is to adjust the water flow size, not only convenient for people to use, but also has certain water saving effect. Modern faucet variety, complete types, sanitary ware manufacturer according to the different needs of people have developed different types of faucet, below small make up detail classification daquan tap for everyone.

1. Faucet material classification

At present, make the material of the faucet is not a single, in daily life is the most common stainless steel faucet, copper, plastic faucet faucet, such as: there are some unusual faucet, zinc alloy cast iron faucet faucet and polymer composite materials to high-end faucet.

2. Classification of tap valve core

For a modern faucet, valve core is the most critical components, it is to the faucet is equivalent to the action of the heart is to the human, the effect of the tap valve core quality directly decides the service life of the faucet. At present, the tap valve core in the market mainly has ceramic valve core, rubber core and stainless steel valve core.

3. Classification of tap open mode

Old-fashioned taps are using spiral open, but due to the screw open to many turns to open, more troublesome, so then slowly out of the wrench type tap, faucet and carry modern state-of-the-art induction faucet. Especially at present the most up-to-date induction faucet, use very convenient, and the water saving effect also is apparent.

4. Classification of faucet structure

At present, the main structure of the faucet can be divided into single, double and triple. If it is classified according to the open handle, the faucet can be divided into single handle and double handle tap. The so-called single link faucet is to connect only one pipe, and the double faucet can connect the cold hot water pipe at the same time, the most commonly used is the double tap.

5. Faucet function classification

The function classification of faucet, basically is according to the use position of faucet division. Such as basin faucet, sink faucet, shower faucet, stainless steel faucet.