Which is more safe with pure copper faucet or stainless steel faucet?

- May 21, 2018-

Start with the material of the faucet first. Copper is the best material to be made by faucet at present, whether in Europe or America or in our country, most of the sales in the market are copper faucet. Copper faucet is mainly made of copper and zinc, commonly known as brass, which requires a small amount of lead to improve the cutting performance of brass. If the faucet does not add lead completely, it will not only have the problem of cutting difficulties and forging performance, but even the finished product will be cracked due to the poor anti-stress corrosion performance.
Copper faucet can not be separated from lead. Why is the mainstream faucet in developed countries in Europe and America made of brass, and copper is not replaced by other materials? The main reason is copper's bacteriostasis. According to historical records from 2500 BC Egypt began to use copper wound disinfection and treatment of eye infection and burns, and drinking water disinfection, the us EPA (EPA), and the world authority scientifically proven, antibacterial copper kill more than 99.9% of the bacteria in two hours, to become the world's most effective contact material, any other materials (such as silver ion coating or stainless steel) cannot rival by comparison. Copper can quickly kill superbugs like MRSA, and bacteria can't produce antibody, faucet copper wall will not breed bacteria, this is other materials (such as: stainless steel, plastic) did not have the advantage. With the production of low lead copper (less than 0.25% of lead content) and the improvement of antimicrobial properties, it is reasonable to believe that the best material for faucet will remain in the future.