What is bathtub faucet

- Mar 22, 2019-

The bathtub faucet is generally a triple faucet with two outlets, a connecting bathtub shower and a faucet under the shower. The bath faucet is mounted above the bathtub for open hot and cold water. The two pipes that can be connected to the hot and cold are called double-connected; the structure for opening and closing the water flow has a spiral lifting type, a metal ball valve type, and a ceramic valve core type. At present, there are many ceramic valve core single-handle bath faucets on the market. It uses a single handle to adjust the water temperature and is easy to use. The ceramic valve core makes the faucet more durable and watertight. The body of the bathtub head is made of brass, and the exterior is chrome-plated, gold-plated and various metal baking varnishes.