There are different ways of installing the faucet

- Nov 19, 2017-

In the whole household decorating, will use the faucet also only the kitchen and the bathroom, but although only these two places will be used, but the type of faucet that USES is also variety. The installation of different faucet will also be different, the installation method of various faucet is introduced today.

Before installation, the installation tool should be prepared. Before installation, check the complete parts. The common faucet parts include: hose, glue washer, flower sprinkling, water removal, kidnapper, decorative cap, etc. Next, we will introduce the installation methods of various faucet.

1. Installation of single hole kitchen faucet

The requirement is firm, because the kitchen bibcock USES the frequency higher, together with the move to move, easy loose, so lock nut must tighten tight. At present, there are some taps on the market to fix the nut, which is very good. If you can solve the problem of water pulling, it will be a popular trend in the future.

2. Installation of single hole basin faucet

Should pay attention to when buying single hand basin faucet nozzle diameter, now in the market most belong to the hard tube into the water, so you should pay attention to the height of the nozzle on the reserved, 35 workpoint down from basin is most appropriate. When installation, must select the special Angle valve, and the Angle valve must be fixed with the cold hot water pipe of the wall outlet. When you find a distance between the corner valve and the faucet, go buy a special extension tube to connect. Remember, you must not use other water pipes to connect, because if the water pressure is large, it will easily fall off and leak, causing you to lose. If the inlet pipe is too long to exceed the outlet pipe, you can take part of it according to your needs. If the Angle is not suitable, you can bend it to the position you need according to the need.

Remember: don't be hard bent to 90 degrees or more than 90 degrees. When installing the basin to go to water, please don't forget to buy the small interface of the faucet (the tap is short). Before you install, please don't forget to flush the water pipe embedded in the wall ahead of time.

3. Shower, bathtub tap (wall) installation

When you buy a shower, bath, and hang a wall, you can choose the right height to bury the pipe. The distance between cold and hot water pipes must reach 15 centimeters. Before installation, you must not forget to wash the water pipe, so as to avoid the water quality too hard, damage to the faucets.

Installation of shower, bathtub tap: after buying the dark faucet, usually the valve core of the faucet is embedded in the wall. Pay attention to the thickness of the bathroom wall before burial. The wall is too thin and the core will not be buried. The plastic cover of the valve core should not be removed easily when buried, so as not to damage the core of the valve in the pre-buried cement and other miscellaneous services. In addition, you should also pay attention to the top and bottom of the valve core when the core is embedded, so as not to be buried wrong. The size of the wall faucet is biased when the pipe is embedded, and can be used to adjust the abductor to carry on the school level.

4. Installation of thermostat faucet

Before installing the constant temperature tap, please check whether the water pipe is left hot or right, and remember not to connect the cold water pipe to prevent the faucet from working properly. Gas and solar water heaters can't use thermostat faucet because water pressure is too low. Don't forget to install the hot and cold water filter.