The working principle of the faucet and the matters needing attention

- Nov 19, 2017-

What is a faucet?

Induction faucet as there are many, such as induction faucet, automatic induction faucet, automatic induction faucet, infrared sensor faucets, etc., it is just because of the lack of relevant professional name defined in term of different. The main advantage of faucet is that it can be intelligent and water-saving. The hands need not touch the faucet to avoid the infection of bacteria.

Working principle of faucet:

Automatic induction faucet is through the infrared reflection principle, when human hands in the infrared region of faucet, emitted by infrared transmitting tube infrared due to reflect the orphan of human hand to block the infrared receiving tube, by integrating microcomputer processing within the line after the signal is sent to the pulse electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic valve after accepting signal according to the specified command to open the valve core to control the tap water; When the body's hand is out of the infrared range, the solenoid valve does not accept the signal, the solenoid valve core is reset by the internal spring to control the water of the faucet.

Induction distance: infrared emission length or induction distance most of the factory is 25 cm, to 29.7 cm x 29.7 cm white A4 paper test standard), common people induction faucet insensitive reaction, mostly due to shorten the induction distance, due to the infrared weak resistance to color, deep color will change its distance from the part, such as black induction distance will be about 15% of the original; If the induction line is affected, it will affect the length of the induction distance.


Note 1: the faucet process

Appearance no scratches, chromium plating is good, use brass casting, low induction faucet in chromium plating and weight of the faucet body is poorer, through salt spray test for 24 hours, weighing about four hundred grams, and good induction faucet manufacturer in leading the weight control in more than 500 grams, can by 48 hours salt spray test, the long life of faucet.

Note 2: whether the infrared sensing part adopts epoxy resin sealant or moisture-proof treatment

Connect the plug with waterproof plug, the line adopts low-power single-chip microcomputer control, the light has anti-interference ability, not wrong action; The induction distance is adjustable with a remote control device. It is easy to adjust the circuit board with manual adjustment. Automatic adjustment distance technology is not mature, it will be shorter due to color change, and the remote control will make the product more human.

Note 3: the solenoid valve has good waterproof performance

Due to the long installation under the basin, after the machine is under damp, it will cause the contact bad, so that the machine will not work; The minimum life of the solenoid valve should meet the industry standard (more than 150,000 times).

Note 4: try to select qualified professional production sensor faucet manufacturers

Because the induction faucet of domestic professional sanitary ware factory is more than 90% is outsourced processing, in quality, after sale and price is not satisfied; Domestic induction faucet industry lack of brand and leading brand, many customers on the choice in sanitary ware sanitary ware brand as the reference standard, mainly is the sanitary ware brand recognition, in choosing a brand on the pursuit of unity, often lack of product in the later maintenance accessories and professional service.