The history of faucet three

- Aug 29, 2019-

     In the 21st century, the consumer market has undergone tremendous changes. The material richness has given birth to the world of landscape life. Many consumers have begun to have their own unique understanding and rights to the taste of life. Materialism, cultural interest, personality, self and other flags, to create their own perfect living space, in the past many families buy faucets, simply think that "can be used." Nowadays, with the increasingly obvious style of home decoration, the bathroom space has begun to be full of personality. In order to create a personalized bathroom space, from the faucet, washbasin, shower equipment to bathroom accessories, the unique design, everywhere shows individuality and extraordinary The taste of the classic art design breaks through the usual way of thinking, using the faucet as a piece of art to bring a sense of culture to the bathroom space. Under the concept of this new consumption, the artistic faucet allows users to have taste and value, and the artistic faucet adds a sense of humanized design, segmentation of customer groups, and attention to actual needs at different age levels, such as “Dragon” The styling gives people a sense of good fortune, which makes them loved by the middle-aged and elderly groups. Children also become the target customers of the bathroom. They have completely different needs and demands from adults, and meet the children's special needs according to their special needs. Emotional appeal, designing cartoon concepts such as white rabbits, small mice, etc., loved by children, and characters and plants, etc., also make female friends love. Thereby getting a broad prospect of the consumer market.