The faucet selects and USES the erroneous zone

- Nov 19, 2017-

Small faucet, seemingly insignificant, once the quality problem can bring to the consumer the loss is how much? The water is in jinshan mountain, the night cold house is missing; The heart has the fear, the water pipe burst the flower shadow; Lead is invisible, poor quality hidden trouble; I don't know how to worry, I hate to tell you I didn't buy... Small faucet, seemingly insignificant, among them learning. How much do you know about taps and use?

Myth: a tap is a light hand

When choosing, it is qualified standard with no bubble, no defect or scratch. The connoisseur discloses, when choosing, use finger to press the bibcock surface, the fingerprint quickly disperses, elucidation the coating is good; Fingerprints are less printed. Appearance of finished, also try faucet handle, whether the switch is smooth, the up and down or so large range switch can adjust the water temperature steady, generally up to 30 degrees up and down, around 90 degrees for the best.

Mistake two: to keep strong is to close tightly

A lot of people use the faucet to make some effort to make some force to fasten the bibcock some, this is very undesirable. This will not prevent water leakage, but will cause damage to the seal valve, leading to a loose tap.

Myth 3: the faucet can not be changed

Many consumers believe that the faucet product is installed once and for all, as long as it is not broken. In fact, the faucet is the easiest to hide dirt and dirt, and the protection layer will fall off after corrosion, easy to precipitate heavy metal. Therefore, the faucet product also has the service life, need to change in the specified number of years.

Myth 4: tap water is out of the box

The water that is trapped in the tap for a long time causes the lead protective film to fall off and lead elements dissolve out of the water. In addition, the traditional faucet, water pipe is easy to rust and pollute water quality, so the yellow water in the tube is needed to get rid of the water. Stainless steel taps are relatively healthy, but prices are higher.

Myth 5: the smaller the flow, the more water-saving

Faucet flow has water saving standard, discharge too big is unfavorable to water saving. Water consumption is equal to the flow rate times the water time, the flow will obviously prolong the water time, and the water saving effect will not be achieved. If the flow is too small, it may be a problem with the valve of the faucet, or the sludge can be blocked, should be cleaned or replaced in time.