Stainless steel faucet is leading the development trend

- Nov 19, 2017-

When copper faucet still occupies absolute market lead, the ceaseless emergence of stainless steel faucet manufacturer causes more and more thought, stainless steel faucet will be the trend of future?

"The faucet material will gradually replace the copper with stainless steel." In recent years, a lot of people in the industry are put forward such views, as consumers become more and more attention to environmental health, a more healthy, more environmental protection, can recycle 100% of the stainless steel faucet will become the trend of the future. Stainless steel faucet is a new product, in recent years, more and more get the favour of consumer, will become more popular as the technology is mature, and preemption copper tap more market share. Recently, the reporter visited some enterprises that produce stainless steel faucet and some sales of this product merchants, understand the current situation of stainless steel faucet.

It is reported that more than domestic hardware plumbing manufacturers began to be developed as early as 3 years ago stainless steel faucet, but because of its stainless steel hardness, toughness, solvent casting and machining are much more difficult than copper, the cost is high. These manufacturers have either not yet developed or have either given up on development or have one or two of them. In the international brand, at present, Hans of yida factory production of stainless steel faucet, and China and guangdong kaiping area existing in the production of stainless steel faucet enterprise have four, five or so, now more and more enterprises gradually acquired the research and development of production technology. According to jiangmen foreign sanitary ware co., LTD., general manager liu chang, as early as two or three years ago, the company has always focused on research and development of stainless steel sanitary ware products, chang Yang is the first production of stainless steel faucet in pengjiang wealth purifying enterprises, mainly the domestic market. But as the stainless steel faucet in the terminal market increasingly favored, many companies are increasing the financial input in the production line of stainless steel faucet, such as the main production in Europe and the United States defends bath product sanitation standard stainless steel faucet in the porsche holding group this year in guangdong kaiping emerald green mountain lake development zone land 130 mu, investment 500 million yuan, the construction of the stainless steel faucet production base.

As manufacturing technology in the domestic stainless steel faucet gradually mature, no matter production or class, stainless steel faucet has a lot of ascension, and on the material, the stainless steel material more healthy, more environmental protection, can be 100% recycled. Stainless steel faucet is a new product in China, although in the domestic market share of small, but because of its health, environmental protection, durable and other characteristics, in recent years, more and more get the favour of consumer, and with the maturity of manufacturing technology will become more popular, preemption leading more market share, copper stainless steel faucet will become the future development trend of sanitary ware industry.

There are four main kinds of faucets, such as copper, PVC, cast iron, stainless steel, etc., and most of the middle and high-end faucets in the domestic market are pure copper as the main raw materials. According to expert introduction, usually copper and copper faucet castings is 4% - 4%, content of lead in the faucet if long time need not when, the lining will produce green verdigris, there are substances such as lead may be released into the water, drink water containing excessive lead can cause lead poisoning, not only affects the drinker's intelligence growth, will seriously affect the healthy body, will be a greater impact on children.

Copper material is easy to rust, so the surface of copper product usually USES electroplating, that is, electroplating a layer of ni or chromium on its surface, and electroplating layer regards the quality of its plating quality, thin, will gradually peel off. KuaiZhe year, ManZhe 3-5 years gradually loss of surface luster, pitting, finally electrical coating, revealing the rust, affect beautiful and use, thus need to constantly change, this will cause the waste of resources. And the waste water produced by electroplating is very serious to environmental pollution.

Whether it is manufacturers, dealers, professionals in the industry, it is generally good to see the future of stainless steel faucet, who will be the world in the next 5-10 years, let's wait and see!