something about decoration feng shu-7

- Apr 27, 2020-

Feng Shui believes that placing the urinal or toilet on the "four main lines" and "four corner lines", or in the same direction as the door of the house, is a symbol of great luck. The orientation of the person on the urinal or toilet cannot be the same as the direction of the residential gate, otherwise the inhabitants are susceptible to incurable diseases. In addition, the urinal or toilet can not sit north to south, can not face the bed or stove position, these positions are taboo.


While avoiding these positions, the urinal or toilet is best to be perpendicular or staggered from the bathroom door. It should lean against the wall as much as possible. This will not only facilitate life, but also better maintain the overall harmony of the bathroom. Of course, if you have a mirror, try not to let the urinal or toilet be seen from the mirror, because the generated filthy gas will double after reflection, to avoid this situation.