something about decoration feng shu-6

- Apr 28, 2020-

Because of the upper and lower floors of the penthouse building, special attention should be paid to the setting of the bathroom. Upstairs and downstairs of the bathroom should not be a bedroom, stove, study room, god table, dining table, sofa. The upstairs bathroom cannot be directly above the gate, as this will taint your reputation and make your family easily slandered. The best way is to unify the upper and lower floors of the bathroom in one direction, which not only solves the problem of feng shui, but also facilitates the laying of pipes. If there is a third floor space, it is best to set up a balcony or garden above the bathroom.


Some families will consider changing a bathroom in the house into a small bedroom because of the large population and relatively limited residential area. However, in feng shui, the bathroom is a dirty place, and it is usually the murder side of the house. If this position is used as a bedroom, it will cause academic and career discomfort, and it will also cause a decline in wealth.


In addition, as far as the whole building is concerned, such a change belongs to a single set of transformation, which will eventually form a pattern that the bathroom upstairs and downstairs surrounds the bedroom, which is a taboo in Feng Shui.


If you want to change the bathroom, you can use this space as a utility room.