Something about decoration feng shu-5

- Apr 26, 2020-

In modern houses, the master bedroom is usually equipped with a separate bathroom to facilitate people's daily life. However, in feng shui, such a pattern will inadvertently adversely affect the residents. In order to pursue romance and simplicity, some young people will even make the main guard's door into a glass sliding door, which is more likely to cause filth. The bathroom door is very unfavorable to the bed, and the filth will rush directly to the person, causing headaches, low back pain and foot pain in the family. In addition, as a place where water vapor accumulates, a lot of water vapor is generated when going to the bathroom and bathing every day, and it will directly rush to the bedroom with the airflow, and the bed linen is also very easy to absorb the water vapor. Living in such a humid environment for a long time will naturally lead to problems such as total body weakness and body pain. So from a health perspective, it is very unfavorable to have a bathroom in the master bedroom. In order to resolve these influences, the door of the bedroom and bathroom should be avoided. The door can be covered with a screen or a wardrobe in the middle, or a gourd can be hung in the sewer and the mouth of the gourd can be opened to absorb filth. In addition, three pots of foliage plants cultivated with soil can also be raised in the bathroom.