something about decoration feng shu-4

- Apr 24, 2020-

Feng Shui believes that if the door of the bathroom in the home is facing the stair, whether the stair is up or down is a symbol of bad luck.

If the door of the bathroom in the home is facing the upward staircase, the air rushing down the staircase will directly rush into the bathroom, which will easily lead to the accumulation of filthy gas in the bathroom. It will definitely breed bacteria after a long time. Fortune has been damaged.

If the bathroom door is facing the downward staircase, it will cause the filth in the bathroom to drain down and may flow to the whole house, which will also damage the health and luck of the family.

Faced with these two situations, you can hang a long curtain on the bathroom door or place a string of five emperors money on the threshold. If there is an exhaust fan or a window, pay attention to regular ventilation, exhaust the dirty air outside, and keep the toilet dry and clean at any time.