something about decoration feng shu-3

- Apr 25, 2020-

If the toilet is installed in the center of the house, it will form a "turk water" pattern, which is very unfavorable to family luck. Because in Feng Shui, the five elements in the center of the house belong to the soil, while the bathroom belongs to the water.


For a house, the middle position belongs to the heartland and plays a vital role in Feng Shui. If this place is attacked by the filthy spirit, not only will the wealth fail to gather, but it will also affect the health of the family members.


In addition, if the toilet is located in the center of the house, the water supply and sewage pipes will pass through other rooms, which will not only cause these rooms to be washed away by dirty air, but also cause difficulties for future maintenance.

For whatever reason, it is not a good Feng Shui pattern to set the bathroom at the end of the corridor. In modern houses, especially small-sized houses, corridors or corridors are often used. Under such a design pattern, attention must be paid to the positional relationship between toilets and corridors. If the residence is located at both ends of the corridor, it is not advisable to place the toilet next to the corridor. On the feng shui water, the corridor is directly rushing into the bathroom to form a road. It is a big evil. Moisture and dirty gas will spread along the corridor, which is very unhealthy for the health, so try to avoid it.