something about decoration feng shu

- Apr 23, 2020-

Feng Shui believes that the toilet should not be placed in the north of the house, nor in the northeast, so as to avoid the formation of "back ghost door". This is because the north belongs to water in the five elements. If the toilet is located in the north of the house, the encounter of the two "waters" will increase the water energy and consume the energy of the occupants. If the bathroom is located in the northeast, the water energy in the bathroom will destroy the original soil energy in this position, thus causing health problems.

To resolve the problems caused by the toilet located in the north, some tall plants can be placed in the toilet, on the one hand, it can drain the water energy, on the other hand, it also plays a role in absorbing moisture and increasing gas energy.

For the problem caused by the toilet located in the northeast, the best solution is to introduce golden energy to coordinate soil energy and water energy. The specific method is: put a white pottery bowl with salt in the northeast of the bathroom, or put a sculpture made of iron. In addition, placing a round iron basin in the bathroom and inserting a red flower in it can also play a role.