something about decoration-3

- Apr 30, 2020-

 1.For small toilets, decoration style is not the focus of decoration. For large bathrooms, the decoration style is an important choice to improve the aesthetics of the bathroom. The commonly used decoration styles of the bathroom are American, European and modern. In general, the decoration style of the bathroom should be consistent with other rooms and the overall decoration style. However, due to other restrictions such as area, the owner can choose other decoration styles. When choosing a decoration style, the industry mainly chooses according to its own preferences and the actual situation of the bathroom.

2. Among the matters needing attention in bathroom decoration, safety is also a problem that cannot be ignored in bathroom decoration. There is a lot of water in the bathroom, so choose a floor tile with anti-skid function to avoid falling during use. Choose lamps and sockets with protective covers to avoid potential safety hazards caused by water vapor. Secondly, the bathroom cabinet of the bathroom should also choose arc-shaped furniture to avoid hitting the bathroom cabinet when falling.