something about decoration-2

- Apr 24, 2020-

1.The toilet is a multi-functional area, and reasonable regional planning and space layout are required to ensure the normal use of the toilet functions. When planning and layout, the method of soft partition and hard partition can be used to divide. The use of soft partitions can increase the beauty of the bathroom, but it is not practical for small hygiene. The rigid partition can effectively partition the space and is suitable for various toilets.

2.Commonly used sanitary partition materials are glass, organic glass, aluminum alloy, plastic steel, stainless steel, etc., and commonly used partition tools are shower curtains. The water vapor in the bathroom is heavy. For waterproofing, it is better to choose a glass material that can be waterproof. This material not only has a good waterproof effect, it is convenient and beautiful in using Shanghai. For privacy reasons, owners can choose shower curtains to partition.