something about decoration-1

- Apr 24, 2020-

The toilet is a multifunctional area integrating washing, showering and toileting. Mastering and understanding the precautions for bathroom decoration is one of the important means to improve the comfort and practicality of the bathroom, and it is also one of the important means to improve the living standard of the home. Today I summarized several bathroom decoration considerations for everyone, hoping to help the owners who are about to renovate.


1. The bathroom is an area with a lot of water. In the decoration of the bathroom, waterproof should be placed first. When renovating the bathroom, determine the waterproof height of each area of the bathroom, choose the waterproof material, and pay attention not to damage the original waterproof layer when carrying out the hydropower transformation. After the waterproofing project is completed, a water closure test should be conducted on the toilet to check whether the waterproofing project of the toilet is qualified, so as not to affect the normal use in the future.