Some useful tips to solve faucet leakage

- May 07, 2018-

Faucet leakage is a boring issue in the daily life. Water leakage from faucet is often the result of a broken part. In order to effectively solve the problem, we’d better find out which parts are causing the water leakage first. Here we offer several possible factors that may cause a leakage or water dripping.

1. Cartridge  

1.1 When you close the faucet, there is still water leakage. This phenomenon maybe because the compress cap loose make the cartridge loose. The solution method is take down the handle and decorative cap, tighten the compress cap; another possible factor is the rubber ring of the bottom of cartridge is out of shape, and solution method is take out cartridge, check the rubber ring, and make it to right place.


1.2 If you have taken down the handle and decorative cap, you can see there is water leakage from middle part of cartridge, that because the cartridge have broken down, you need to change a new one.


2. O ring

You can see water leakage from bottom of mixer-tap, the most possible problem is inlet tube O ring is not in the right place or out of shape. You can back-out tube, check the problem, if O ring is out of shape, please change a new one, if not, fix them to right place.


3. hose

If you find the leakage part of not the main body of faucet, it is just in the hose. You can take down the hose, and change a new one