Small floor drain is a big problem in quality of life

- Nov 19, 2017-

Floor drain is always placed in the bathroom or kitchen in the most inconspicuous position, so that people ignore its existence. In fact, the floor drain is small, but the impact on home health is not small. Many families may have encountered a vegetable, drain overflows, or a tiny bed condition. These are the causes of floor drain - floor drain connected to the sewer pipe and the living room, if the floor drains rely on the water to form the "door" was destroyed, it is equivalent to the sewer and the chamber into one, there is no barrier between. Isn't it scary? Therefore, the performance of floor drain will not only affect the quality of indoor air, and even affect the quality of life of the family.

Of course, in addition to the purchase of good quality of the floor drain, if the installed floor drain has problems, do not despair, experts give remedial measures in fact, there are many, as long as the remedy to the case, will also be able to return the room a fresh and fragrant environment.

In the acceptance of the construction of floor drain, you can add some water to the inside, on the one hand to check whether it is blocked, on the other hand can also seal the odor in time.

The construction is not good drain, not only looks awkward, after use will appear dull, overflowing etc..

The floor drain of the washbasin is often overlooked when the decoration is accepted.

From top to bottom are: common round floor drain, stainless steel floor drain, eccentric water seal floor drain. The floor drain in the market has various styles and different textures, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it must be combined with its own needs when purchasing.