Points for attention in toilet faucet selection

- Nov 19, 2017-

The equipment of toilet, the faucet is small piece. But often these little things, can make you feel the quality of life in the home improvement. When choosing bathroom taps:

The first thing to think about is whether it's true. If there is not enough hot water in the home, then the cold and hot water tap of the split will not be necessary.

In addition, when choosing bibcock, still should consider with the problem of tie-in with hygienic cleanser: the most important is model wants collocation, otherwise will cause trouble to installation.

The second is style and color to match, here is a simple principle namely: classical to classic, contemporary to modern. If your toilet is mainly cool color, can choose silver bibcock; If it's warm, it's going to be gold. If the style of whole toilet is more complicated, can use ivory.

At present, the bibcock that USES in toilet is two kinds: one is water basin, one is bath crock. The water basin faucet has the branch, the individual cent, you can use according to the actual situation; The bath crock bibcock has the hose and the dark bury two kinds, the use of the hose is more convenient, the installation is simple, the bath crock bibcock that bury is very good-looking, but installation difficulty is slightly bigger.

Before decorating, you might as well go to each big building material city to see, understand this aspect of knowledge. In the construction, no matter you adopt which bibcock, installation must take the waterproof layer of metope to do well, avoid to bring annoyance to later life.