Introduction to the drainage installation under the kitchen

- Jan 25, 2019-

There are two types of sewage in thekitchen: lower drainage and side drainage.

Drainage: The lower drain is the drain on
the ground, the downpipe runs vertically through the floor, the pipe leads directly to the downstairs, and I am used to put the backwater bends under the bottom, so if there is any other water, Share a backwater bends.
The water is generally used for the 50 water return bend. If there is any other water, add the tee, and use the oblique tee on the way above, so that the water flows smoothly. Most of the
time, the kitchen is more complicated. The reason  the waterway is difficult to do is mainly because the place is too small. The cabinets are also equipped with other electrical appliances, such as garbage processors, kitchen utensils, water purifiers, etc., and some have to be connected to the washing machine.

Side drainage: The side drain is located on the main pipe of the kitchen, above the ground, and a part of the down pipe leads to the main pipe. The lower drainage has a water returned bends below the building. If the floor is refilled with a water return bend, it is double-proof. The side drainage is connected to the main water pipe by the lower water pipe. Generally, only one returns bend can be installed.

There is a kind of launching water that is connected to the horizontal pipe with a 45 degree elbow and then a half of the return water bend. However, note that this return water bend must be of the triangular type, the round type is not well connected, and finally the other tubes are connected. Generally speaking, the side drainage is not as smooth as the drainage.