How to repair leakage of floor drain in toilet

- Nov 19, 2017-

If the pipe seepage, only ceramic tile, pipe change, re waterproofing. If the toilet surface seepage, you can use the following methods for maintenance:

1, the surface dust, oil, water and other clean treatment, and keep the surface dry;

2, in the water can be poured to the entire surface, such as: ceramic tile surface, ceramic tile seam, wall seam, pipe root and other parts, spraying waterproof waterproof agent, can not leak spray;

3, water repellent surface dry, with waterproof cream filled, and tile joints damaged and defective parts;

4, the corner, wall, pipe root and other weak links, with cloud Yu plastic mud edge reinforcement.

Attention: after the waterproof construction, the waterproof material must be worked hard (usually 48 later) to pour water. Because of the bumpy process of transportation, waterproof paste will have precipitation, the surface will appear some dry, is a normal phenomenon! Before Kaifeng, you should knead more for a while, so that the waterproof paste is filled with paste.

What are the causes of floor leakage in toilets?

1, the bathroom Water Leakage can test the Water Leakage position, is to the periphery of the pipeline leakage of concrete is not dense and waterproof do not in place by. In fact, this leakage treatment is very good. With CF - 2000 cement based water proofing agent, it takes half a day to deal with it. The concrete steps are. Find a chisel, the space aluminum drainage outlet around a circular groove chisel 2 - 3 cm wide. The depth is about 3 centimeters. But if in the process of slotting found that there is loose or void around the pipe, should continue to chisel down. Until the above situation is cleared up. Then use the brush to clean the water tank. The CF - 2000 cement based waterproofing agent living into a paste filled tank, and then use the water in the water proofing agent when (about 30 or less), with pressure compaction finishing, ensure that you never leak leakage from the ground.

2, waterproof around the floor is not done well, long time will water seepage. Of course, do not rule out the house sink and other reasons caused the previous waterproof layer out of the question. The solution is to knock off the floor tiles around the floor drain, and do a good job of waterproof. Toilet leakage is very annoying, so it is better to solve it as soon as possible. Otherwise, with the extension of time, the leakage surface will increase and become serious.

Toilet floor drain is an essential part of the toilet, so the toilet floor leakage occurs, we need to deal with in time. What is the reason for the bathroom floor drain Water Leakage, in fact, the cause of the floor drain Water Leakage is very much, probably because the water is not well, it may be because of the use of long time caused by, no matter what the reason, we need to know how to fix this Water Leakage toilet floor drain, toilet to leak the situation can appear Water Leakage timely the solution, to ensure the normal use of the toilet.