How to properly install the faucet(1)

- Mar 19, 2019-

Please have experienced and qualified professionals to carry out construction and installation. When installing, the faucet should try not to bump with hard objects. Do not leave cement, glue, etc. on the surface to avoid damage to the surface coating. Be careful to remove the debris from the pipe and install the faucet.

1. Before installing the faucet, it is necessary to drain the water, wash the dirt in the water pipe, remove the debris in the installation hole, and check that the fittings in the package do not get into the impurities to avoid clogging or abrading the ceramic valve core.

2. Use metal hose to connect the water pipe, no need to consider the installation position of the water pipe, but it should be noted that usually the length of the hose is 30cm (import size, individual brand or hard pipe), if the metal pipe is used to connect the water pipe, it should be After buying the faucet first, the water pipe is laid according to the length of the faucet. Of course, the service life is better than the hose. Similarly, when installing the faucet, if the water pipe is laid above the sink, install it. The wall sink faucet is the best, otherwise the ordinary sink faucet is installed.