How to choose the washing machine faucet according to the thread

- Mar 18, 2019-

The water inlet faucet of the washing machine can be different from the general faucet. It needs to be connected to the water inlet pipe of the washing machine, so it has a screw thread, and the thread is divided into two types: "4 points" and "6 points". What is the "4 points, 6 points" faucet "4 points, 6 points" means the inch unit inch, the "4 points" faucet is also called G1/2 faucet, the thread outer diameter is about 20.96 mm, and the inner diameter is about 18.63 mm. The "6 points" faucet is also called the G3/4 faucet. The outer diameter of the thread is about 26.44 mm and the inner diameter is about 24.12 mm. "4 points" faucet "6 points" faucet uses "4 points" faucet washing machine brands: Haier, Midea & Little Swan, LG, Sanyo & Didu, Whirlpool and other brands use the "6 points" faucet washing machine brand: Bosch & Siemens, Samsung (some models use "4 points")