how to choose high quality faucet

- May 12, 2018-

How to buy a faucet? The faucets on the market today are uneven quality and different  brands. As an ordinary consumer, how to identify the faucets' quality? How to judge whether the faucet keep same quality  from the faucet manufacturer's factory to the faucet's wholesale or the faucet's agent? Now teach you a few ways to identify good taps.

1. Look at the cartridge: The cartridge is the heart of the faucet and the ceramic cartridge is the best cartridge. Ceramic valves are used for products with better quality, and they are characterized by strong wear resistance and good sealing properties. Generally, they can be used in an amount of 300,000 to 500,000 times. Low-grade products use seals such as copper and rubber, which have a shorter service life. But the price is low.

2, see the weight. All brass faucets are certainly heavy. Why choose brass faucets? Because brass faucets can suppress E. coli in the water, so brass must be used, and brass faucets are generally heavy. So it depends on whether the faucet manufacturer uses brass to make the faucet.

3, look at the appearance, the appearance should look good, a good electroplating layer surface always are treat without polishing silk, and the bright can be used as a mirror, feel the lubrication. Some faucet wholesalers may say that the faucet is plated several layers, in fact, electroplating just needs two layers on the line, a layer of nickel, a layer of chrome.

4, turn the handle to see if it is very light, can not be very difficult.

5, choose a good brand. Pay attention to faucet comes from which manufacturer's or faucet wholesale or faucet agent joins. Buy sanitary products must buy a large brand, because the sanitary product is durable consumer goods, once bought,they can be used up to 5 years, it must buy a big brand of products, so no matter the composition of the material or quality are reliable.

6, after sales. The after-sales service of the product is very important. Boyuan sanitary faucet manufacturers have a good after-sales team to assist faucet agents and faucet wholesalers to deal with after-sales problems, and also make you not worry about the protection, so be sure to choose a product with good after-sales service.