How to choose faucets(2)

- Mar 15, 2019-

3, to test: the quality is more assured that the main body of the faucet is generally brass. The quality of the products made of brass is guaranteed to be the best. The higher the purity of the brass, the better the plating quality, and the harder the surface plating layer is. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers use zinc alloy instead of brass. Although the country allows the use of zinc alloy materials instead of brass, the zinc alloy plating quality is poor and the corrosion resistance is not strong. In general, consumers can use the method of estimating weight when purchasing. Brass is heavier and harder, and zinc alloy is lighter and softer. Experts caution that the quality of the faucet should not be judged by weight alone, because some manufacturers can make the faucet heavier by increasing the wall thickness of the faucet or adding other metal materials. Consumers should ask the salesperson for the test report of the product. If the test report determines that the product is qualified, then the problem is not big.

4, test water flow: according to the rich foaming consumers should choose the faucet with a bubbler when buying, and feel the water flow with the hand touch, the water flow is soft and foaming (water bubble content) rich description The bubbler quality is better. The bubbler generally consists of six layers, usually consisting of a metal mesh cover (partially plastic). When the water flows through the mesh cover, it is cut into a large number of small water columns with air in between, so that the water is not torn apart.