How to choose faucets (1)

- Mar 05, 2019-

     Style. Before buying, make sure that the faucet matches the washbasin, sink, and bathtub. Match the faucet mounting hole of the washbasin. If you need to buy a single hole, 4 inch hole or 8 inch hole.

    Features. Know where you need a faucet and what kind of faucet you need. The faucet generally has a washbasin, a basin, a shower, a basin shower, a kitchen sink, etc. The faucet is generally divided into normal, constant temperature, self-generating, inductive, etc., before buying, you must know which function you want.

    Water saving. When selecting the faucet, ask if the effluent water flow rate is maintained at 8.3 liters / minute or so, you can achieve the purpose of water saving. In addition, some faucets have honeycomb-shaped restrictors that not only allow the water to flow out in a foamy manner, limit the flow rate, but also make the user feel the water flow softer and feel the water is abundant.