How to choose faucet(3)

- Mar 07, 2019-

     Environmental protection. The lead content in the water is mainly caused by the water body washing the water channel. When purchasing, please know in detail whether the faucet meets the environmental protection design and whether it meets the environmental protection requirements.

    convenient. Good faucet design takes into account the needs of a variety of cleaning methods, such as a 1-meter long vegetable shower, which can be pulled out and sprayed with vegetables, etc., to clean the corners that general cleaning appliances can't reach. A good faucet must be matched with the sink to reflect its advantages. The traditional sink drainer will be blocked by the accumulation of debris, while the convenient ultra-large cage puller will increase the storage space and is not easy to block; the traditional central drain hole Design, there are often the phenomenon that the product covers the water outlet and accumulates water. The design of the water outlet of the water tank can prevent water accumulation.

    Price. Don't think that the faucet is not an important item in the kitchen or bathroom when you buy it, so you can choose low-priced products at will. The faucet with low quality and low price is easy to rust and has a short life. If there is water leakage or blockage, the loss may be far more than that at the time. "There is more "profit" down.