How do you solve the problem when the faucet stops the water getting smaller?

- May 09, 2018-

Faucet flow is getting smaller and smaller when you are using it. At first glance, it is the filter of the leading outlet. When you open the outlet and clean it up, it will leak again. The most common place for this situation is the kitchen and bathroom faucets. Faucet manufacturers introduce either kitchen or bathroom faucets, but when used for a long time, these problems become commonplace.

When a faucet is blocked, the faucet manufacturer teaches you how to solve it:

1, water quality problems, water with sand, water rust and other impurities caused by the plug plug. The faucet outlet can be unscrewed, checked, and drained if the filter head is unscrewed. If the flow returns to normal, the problem is in the filter. Then tap the removed faucet filter in the pool and gently pound it. Large particles of solid impurities such as sand will fall naturally. Remember not to rub it with your hand, as this will press the sand into the filter. In order to ensure that it can be cleaned in place, the inner filter and the washer can be removed and the stains in the middle of the filter hole can also be pierced with a needle tip. After the cleaning is complete, reinstall it. Like these can be learned with the faucet manufacturers, many times if you are a faucet wholesale can be real underground faucet manufacturers to practice.

2, faucet manufacturers introduced there is a situation, if it is because of a large foreign body caused by, this situation is relatively rare, but it will inevitably be encountered, so I also put a slight mention here, in fact, very simple, only need to prepare Remove the spanner wrench. The underside of the basin is wrenched open with a wrench. In fact, most faucets can be turned off with great effort by hand, and the faucet is removed. Of course, the front filter should be removed and put away. Turn the faucet upside down, and then fill it with a bottle of clear water. If the water flowing from the back end is not smooth, prove that there is foreign matter in the faucet. Can also be washed under water to ensure that it can be cleaned in place. Then you can reinstall it, and be careful to check if the connection is tight and avoid water leakage.