Faucet classification (2)

- Jan 15, 2019-

According to the temperature of the water, it can be divided into a single cold faucet, a hot and cold mixing faucet and a thermostatic faucet. The thermostatic faucet is equipped with a heat-sensitive element at the outlet of the thermostatic cartridge. The characteristics of the temperature-sensing element are used to push the valve body cartridge to move, and to block or open the water inlet of the hot and cold water, so that the outlet water temperature is always kept constant. The constant temperature faucet on the market uses memory alloy, paraffin and pressure regulator to achieve the constant temperature effect. The water pressure of the thermostatic faucet has certain requirements, generally required to be 0.1-0.5Mp, as well as the pressure of cold and hot water. The difference can't be too big. If the hot water pressure of the thermostat is less than 0.05, the thermostat is not applicable. The hot water temperature is generally required to be 49-80 degrees, and the temperature adjustment knob can be arbitrarily set between 35 °C and 65 °C. The thermostats are equipped with a 38°C safety button to prevent burns.

According to the installation structure, it can be divided into: integrated, split, dark wall and waterfall.

According to the installation hole size of the faucet, the washbasin can be divided into a single-hole basin faucet, a double-hole 4-inch basin faucet, and a three-hole 8-inch basin faucet. Only single-hole faucets can be installed in single-hole basins. 4 inch basins are more common, most of the faucets are also 4 inches, and the small hole in the middle is used to install the lifting rod of the water. The 8-inch basin can be fitted with either an 8-inch faucet or a single-hole faucet. If the 8-inch basin is fitted with a single-hole faucet, you can use a cover to cover the left and right holes.

According to the surface treatment method, the copper faucet is generally chrome-plated Chrome, titanium-plated Ti-PVD, green bronze antique ORB, red bronze antique ORB, baking paint, porcelain, nickel-brushed Brushed Nickel, etc. Stainless steel faucet can be divided into sand Light, fine light, etc.