Even if the faucet is tightened, it will still leak

- Aug 09, 2019-

     In normal life, sometimes you will find that the faucet will drip after tightening, and it will not stop from the outlet of the faucet or the joint, which will not only cause a lot of waste, but sometimes its sound will cause some troubles. In fact, the construction of the faucet is very simple, and the maintenance of the leaking water can be completely repaired by yourself. Generally speaking, the problem of water leakage can be replaced by a gasket type such as a shaft gasket or a triangular gasket inside the faucet. has been solved. However, the main switch of the faucet should be turned off before the refurbishment.

     Regarding the leak repair at the faucet joint, the reason for the water leakage is caused by damage to the water stop tape of the faucet part (fixing screw). So just use the wrench to remove the faucet and re-roll the new water-stop tape in the place where the screw is fixed. The following steps are for repair: First, tighten the faucet and use the wrench to turn the faucet counterclockwise. Turn off and take off. Second, the threaded hole is outward, and the threaded portion is winded 5-6 times with the windprint tape.

     Look at the faucet to adjust the water wrench to enter the clock direction, after the final installation, open the main switch and try to see if there will be water leakage.