Do-it-yourself repair series - press faucet repair (1)

- Jan 07, 2019-

Preparation tools: screwdriver, penetrating lubricant, pliers or adjustable wrench and the mat to be replaced.

Faucet repair steps:

Step 1. Close the inlet valve. Remove the small screws on or behind the faucet handle to remove the handle that is attached to the faucet body. Some screws are hidden under metal buttons, plastic buttons or plastic sheets that are snapped or screwed into the handle. Just open the button and you will see the handle screw on the top. If necessary, use some osmotic oil like WD-40 to loosen the screws.

Step 2: Remove the handle and look at the parts of the faucet. Use a large pliers or adjustable wrench to remove the packing nut, taking care not to leave scratches on the metal. Rotate the valve plug or shaft in the same direction as when you turned the faucet to unscrew them.

Step 3: Remove the screws that secure the washer. If necessary, use an infiltration lubricant to loosen the screws. Check the screws and spools and replace them if they are damaged.