Do-it-yourself repair series - kitchen hot and cold water faucet

- Jan 04, 2019-

First understand the structure of the hot and cold water faucet, in order to avoid the mistake! The first step is to close the main pipe of the water pipe (or control the hot and cold two triangle valves of the faucet). Preparation tools: 1, flat mouth medium screwdriver 1. 2. Open the spanner up to 30-50.

1. If the hot and cold water faucet is controlled by a total water inlet valve, close the main valve. When the hot and cold inlet pipes are separated, close the two corresponding valves.

2, use a flat-blade screwdriver to open the accessories "cold hot mark (handle fixed screw hole plug);

3, use a flat-blade screwdriver to extend into the handle to fix the screw hole plug (cold hot mark hole), counterclockwise (left-handed) screwdriver about 3 turns;

4. Grasp the handle of the faucet with your left hand and push it upwards. At the same time, use the rear end handle of the screwdriver (must be non-metallic material, otherwise it will damage the outer surface of the faucet), so that the accessory “water outlet handle” is separated;

5, counterclockwise (left-handed) accessories "end cover", the end cover is separated from the main body;

6. Use the front of the adjustable wrench to place the hexagonal position of the fitting "core set hexagon socket", adjust the opening size of the adjustable wrench, rotate counterclockwise, remove the ceramic cartridge to check, if it is good, clockwise (right-handed), tight Stop the strain; if it is damaged, replace the new cartridge.

7. Replace the accessories “end cover”, “water outlet handle” and “cold hot mark” (note that red represents hot water side and blue represents cold water side).