Brass faucet benefits

- Aug 05, 2019-

The danger of lead

Lead poisoning significantly affects the human body and intelligence. It is more obvious for children and pregnant women. Due to the physiological characteristics of growth and development, pregnant women with severe lead poisoning will have premature birth and miscarriage. Lead poisoning can affect the growth and mental development of infants and young children, and severe cases can cause dementia. We can only ensure the intake of lead by lowering the lead content in drinking water.

The role of copper

Copper is an indispensable trace element in the human body. It is an important component of proteins and enzymes in the body. It acts on the metabolic processes of the body and promotes many functions of the human body. Copper also inhibits bacterial growth and keeps drinking water clean and hygienic. More than 99% of the bacteria in the water disappeared after entering the copper pipeline for five hours. Copper is impervious, and its harmful properties such as grease, bacteria, viruses, oxygen and ultraviolet rays cannot pass through it and pollute the water! The use of copper tubes can play a positive role in the health of the human body.

The danger of excessive copper on the human body: Although copper is an important essential trace element, it can easily cause poisoning if it exceeds the standard. Mainly caused by the heavy metal ion copper. When a large amount of heavy metals remain in the human body, it is easy to burden the organs in the body, especially the liver and gallbladder. When there are problems in these two organs, the metabolism in the human body will be disordered, cirrhosis, liver. Ascites is even more serious.