Analysis of the cause of water leakage from the phenomenon

- Jan 03, 2019-

Most people think that the leakage of the faucet is a problem with the cartridge. In fact, if used properly, the cartridge is not easy to cause problems. Therefore, if the faucet leaks, it should be analyzed from its essence.

1. The faucet is still out of water after the cartridge closed. This phenomenon may be caused by the looseness of the pressure cap causing the looseness of the cartridge to seal the water. The solution is to remove the handle and the decorative cover, and re-tighten the pressure cap, and there may be a deformation of the rubber ring at the bottom of the cartridge. The water cannot be sealed. The solution is to take out the valve plug, check the bottom rubber ring, reset it and reinstall it.

2. Water seeps around the cartridge. This phenomenon may be caused by loose or displaced cartridge. The solution is to remove the cartridge and reinstall it.

3. Water seeps from the middle of the cartridge. This phenomenon is the damage of the cartridge. The solution is to replace the cartridge. If the faucet leaks, replace the cartridge, which will definitely increase the maintenance cost.

4. The bottom of the faucet leaks. This phenomenon is generally caused by the unfilled or deformed O-ring of the inlet pipe. The solution is to unscrew the hose. If the O-ring is not deformed, the O-ring and the inlet pipe are re-assembled. Yes, if the O-ring is found to be deformed, replace the O-ring.